The Intentional Dad Resources

The Intentional Dad Resources

Here at The Intentional Dad we are creating content to offer encouragement and hope for the journey to embrace and fulfill the promise of fatherhood. Through these resources, we offer our ongoing stories of intimate apprenticeship with Jesus. May God bless you and your family as you continue your journey of intentional fatherhood.

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Beloved is a corner of The Intentional Dad for young adults being fathered by God. Here you will find stories of initiation, apprenticeship, struggle, and triumph from the lives of young adults living intimately with God. These stories are offered as a gift of encouragement for your own journey and as an invitation to share the adventure in community with us.

Initiation is a journey of intentionality toward adulthood as a beloved son or daughter living in intimate apprenticeship with Jesus. But initiation is more than a one time thing. God is always growing us up. Which means we are always learning, growing, training, and healing. So, whether you are just beginning to discover initiation from your Heavenly Father or have known his fathering for some time, you belong here. Join us as we walk the "narrow road" together.

Book Excerpts

Chapter 2: Generational Momentum      Aric Manly
Chapter 2: Generational Momentum Aric Manly
Foreword: Growing Up As the Son of an Intentional Dad Ben Manly

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