Podcast: "The Way" through The Sacred Gap (Part 3), Ep. 23

Podcast: "The Way" through The Sacred Gap (Part 3), Ep. 23

Staying in the pain (Another apprenticeship story of grief and comfort)

The more we understand Jesus' invitation for the Kingdom life, the more compelling it is. Listen in as Tyler and Aric continue to explore Jesus' compelling vision for Kingdom life through his opening words of his Sermon on the Mount. As we discussed in our previous series, he offers a promise of healing and transformation that frees us from our shadow stories into lives lived more and more fully in the true story and the Kingdom realities that you are loved, you belong, you are chosen, and you have nothing to prove. The difference between those two realities is what we have called The Sacred Gap and once that gap becomes clear, so does an obvious question: "How do I get through that gap?" Well, it turns out there is an answer. The early Kingdom communities of Jesus' apprentices, not coincidentally, referred to themselves as practitioners of "The Way." What "Way" is that? It is "The Way" that Jesus himself taught in the greatest and most compelling sermon ever given.

In this podcast, we look at Jesus' next surprising revelation of "The Way." It is an invitation to grieve with him and, in doing that, realize the promise of comfort. It is a promise that is only truly understood through living the experience. And it is in the sharing of each other's stories that we can offer encouragement to others on the narrow road. In this episode, Tyler shares his real time story of grief and how Jesus is delivering on his promise of comfort and the healing that is coming because of it.

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