The Intentional Dad

Embrace and Fulfill the Promise of Fatherhood

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In Aric's new book, “The Intentional Dad - Embrace and Fulfill the Promise of Fatherhood” you will encounter a dad and author who doesn’t just offer fathers the seven steps to being an intentional dad, but a personal journey that not only led him through a 10-year process of fathering his children, but also through the process of becoming a Beloved Son of God himself. I have known Aric for over 20-years and have had the privilege of watching Aric’s story unfold. I have also had the privilege of having his oldest son attend a weekly men’s gathering at my house where me and the other men who attend have witnessed first-hand the effect of Aric’s heart as a father, and the process God has led him through. This is the real deal, and in a society where intentional fathering is becoming obsolete, dads from all walks of life need a tool like Aric’s book to help them along their own journey of being fathered by God and fathering their children. This is a must read for all of you dads out there.

Pete Emhoff, Founder and President of True Pursuit, "Hearts Rescued. Freedom Gained."
Aric humbly and honestly invites both men and women to examine fatherhood. He wrestles with the real issues males face in being a dad. Aric candidly shares the role that shame played in his life, revealing what Brené Brown proposes, that shame impacts males differently than females. Aric vulnerably walks you through his own journey of fatherhood, both failures and successes. He lived the reality of being a “stay at home dad” and the lessons he learned about his identity, loving himself, and showing up for his family. These lessons are his legacy from which others can learn about how to provide a path for their sons and daughters to grow – what Aric calls – “firm character.”

Mark Freier, Founder of WhatIf Enterprises, Executive Coach and Trusted Advisor, Author of "The Choice to Show Up: Who I Am Matters" and co-author of "The Execution Culture: Results Happen Where Culture Meets Execution"

Like so many good men, you offer the best you know how to give in loving your family every day.

But is it enough?

Do you long to feel confident in your calling to fatherhood? Have you quietly been searching for more clarity and understanding of your divine responsibility? What would it be like to have a long-term vision to usher your kids through the ups and downs of life and initiate them into adulthood?

Good men like you secretly carry a heavy burden…a fear that, in spite of everything you offer, it isn’t enough. But regret and failure are not the inevitable outcomes of your fatherhood journey. Instead, you need something that is far too scarce for Dads: encouragement and hope. The fear you carry is not the final word. The problem is not you or your heart. There is a design for fatherhood, and you can understand it.

This is my story…a fatherhood journey born out of failure and brokenness. In these pages, I offer what I have learned and experienced over more than ten years of intentional fatherhood with my kids and my wife. You were made for many things…nothing more sacred than your role as a father. This book is an invitation for men just like you to embrace and fulfill the promise of fatherhood. You can foster intimacy with your children, faithfully shepherd them through the ups and downs of life, bestow a deeply secure sense of identity as beloved sons and daughters of God, and initiate them into adulthood as men and women trained and prepared for a lifetime of intimacy with God as apprentices of Jesus. That is the promise you were made to fulfill.

You were made to be an Intentional Dad.