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"Lessons for a Recovering Perfectionist" Podcast Quotes

"Lessons for a Recovering Perfectionist" Podcast Quotes

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Lessons for a Recovering Perfectionist: Quotes shared by Ellie in the Podcast
  • I find God reminding me that the essence of my newfound womanhood is not shown in my ability to make every perfect decision and be a perfect person, but in my choices to say yes to Jesus’ invitations for intimacy within my brokenness and weakness. When you commune with the son of God, you find more and more that the idea of strength isn’t really a brute force of perfection, but a growing comfortability with weakness.
  • Grace has no timeline
  • I may be complex, but your love is simple. It’s when my complexity meets your simplicity that your spirit works.
  • Unresolved is imperfection, and imperfection is where He does His best work.
  • What if every time I recognized a way I could grow, instead of beating myself up for not having known it in the first place, I see it as an incredible invitation to receive more and more of what God has for me and to grow deeper roots into his love?

My good Shepherd

A poem of praise by Ellie Manly

Oh to rest in green meadows,
To breathe in his life.
My soul is restored.
The ageless romancer
Has captured my soul.

Although I still carry shame and fear,
I worry that what I do will never be enough.
And that if I try to share parts of my life I hide and protect,
they will be vulnerable.
I fear that I am a hypocrite,
That my identity is nothing but a fraud.

But why would I fear?
Don’t I believe that Abba is big enough,
bigger than those little fears?
Must I remember that if he is as grandiose as I know he his,
His love is just as grandiose?
And those fears that I think could affect my identity
Are so insignificant compared to how much my Shepherd loves me?

It can feel untrue and hard to believe.
But nonetheless it is the ultimate truth.
I am his.

How does he see me now, in this present moment?
His daughter.
His delight.