The Intentional Dad Workshop: Generational Momentum

The Intentional Dad Workshop: Generational Momentum

A one day workshop to:

  • Begin understanding the generational contributions of your family.
  • Begin breaking free from the unexamined currents of your past. 
  • Begin finding your way forward into God’s promise of healing and transformation.

When: Saturday, March 2, 2024. 10 AM to 3 PM. (Lunch and necessary resources included)
Location: Somewhere in or near Dexter, MI (Final location TBD).
Zoom participation available for out of town participants.
Cost: $25 (Lunch and necessary resources included)
Family Rate: $15 for first additional participant, $10 for each additional participant. 
Fee waived for current participants of Guided Apprenticeship or current coaching clients.
Recommended for ages 18 and up.

“Family patterns from the past are played out in our present relationships without us necessarily being aware of it.” Peter Scazzero, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

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The truth is, many live their lives, navigating relationships at work, with friends and family, and with their children, largely unaware of a much bigger story at work silently shaping how they live and what they do. Few would argue that their family has had a significant impact on the person they are today. However, few have begun to examine and truly understand that impact. It is something I call generational momentum and it is a powerful force at work in our lives.

What might God have for us, then, if we would hear and accept an invitation to begin looking into the impact of generational momentum? What might we discover as we take time to look, as awareness grows, and understanding emerges? Jesus has an invitation for all of us…to see with our eyes, hear with our ears, and understand with our hearts and turn to him and find healing (Matthew 13:15). It is an invitation that starts with awareness, awareness that leads to him and the healing he offers each of us. That is a truly revolutionary invitation. So, The Intentional Dad is inviting you to take a very “intentional” step for you and your family. Join us for a one day workshop as, together, we begin to explore our stories of generational momentum and the impact of our families to our lives spiritually and emotionally.

The Intentional Dad workshops combine teaching, conversation, solitude and silence, personal reflection, and prayer in pursuit of intimate encounters with God. Workshops are designed to be a practice of community built around the values of authenticity, vulnerability, humility, understanding, and safety as we share in the journey of finding “the narrow road” together.